Group Sizes & Deposits

The minimum for a Speedball & Half Day session to run is 8 people, but no less as it is not viable.

The minimum for a Full Day Session is 18 people and our maximum is 50 in any one group for all sessions.

If you have more than this number we can run a second group at the same time in other game zones, we can cater for up to a max of 100 at any one time. If you cannot get the minimum number we will just add you into another session that is running on the day.

As regards having an exclusive session, with small numbers at peak time (Friday-Sunday) you may be playing with others. If it is a mid week game (Monday – Thursday) we wouldn’t have great demand so can offer an exclusive session for smaller numbers.

If you want to guarantee an exclusive session we would look for a minimum of 20 players.

If you would like to book a session just let us know ASAP as we operate a first come first serve policy, via e-mail or on our free phone booking line. We also look for a £10 deposit for each person, we don’t need this straight away but at least a few days/weeks (depending on booking time) before the session, it can either be done by cash, credit/debit card or company cheque whichever is easiest. If you bring 14 or more players on the day then as group organiser your entry is free, just remember to get £10 of everybody as a deposit so it does not come out of your own pocket.

As with any group your numbers will fluctuate as people will always drop in and drop out, we don't need the exact number, a rough estimate will do. If you organize the session for say 20 people (with a £10 per head deposit = £200 deposit) and only 16 turn up we will not be looking for payment for the other four that did not turn up. The other side of the coin is that if you booked for 20 people and more people wanted to play then that would not be a problem as long as it is only a handful, if it was an extra five or so then we would need a little pre warning so we can get more staff, equipment and food for your group.

Why do we take a deposit?

We organise staff, equipment & sometimes food specifically for your group, if you did not turn up we are left out of pocket. We take them to confirm the booking and allows us to provide the best possible service to you and your group.


(Please note that all players have to be 16 or older)