Paintball is an exciting adrenaline fuelled combat game of strategy, skill and teamwork. Players equipped with paintball firing sub-machine guns eliminate enemy team members to complete a variety of “Flag Capture Missions”.

Paintball originated approximately sixteen years ago in the vast forests of North America. Lumberjacks began marking trees due to be felled with paintball pellets fired from marker guns. These lumberjacks soon realized that it was a lot more fun to shoot at each other and the game of paintball was born.

Paintball is now a huge worldwide leisure industry and a highly popular, recreational activity for men and women of all ages. Today’s paintball markers are high tech semi-automatic carbines which fire bio-degradable paintballs accurate to a range of 100 feet. Paintball combines teamwork, stealth and skill in an exhilarating day out enjoyed by everybody from stag parties to school groups to individuals and corporate events.

No matter who you are or what you do, paintball guarantees an adventure experience that you will never forget.