Q. Are there restrictions?

Yes, everybody has to be 16 years of age or over.

If you have any of the following we would recommend that you not take part:

Suffering from migraines / headaches or have ever had whiplash
Suffering from high blood pressure, any heart condition or epilepsy
Suffering from, or have ever had, any back or neck problems
Have ever had any broken bones
Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Undergoing medical treatment or have had an operation within the past twelve months

For safety reasons we normally air on the side of caution.

Q.  Do I need to be fit?

You don’t need to be at the peak of physical fitness, but some of the games may require a high level of exertion.

Q. What should I wear?

Leave the Jimmy Choo’s at home or in the car. No flip flops, sandals or flippers are allowed on the course as they do not provide the correct protection. You will be walking/jogging/running (you decide) over natural rough terrain so wear something you don’t mind getting dirty, have good grip and support your ankles. For your enjoyment and safety, we recommend loose and comfortable clothing. Check out the weather forecast for the day and dress accordingly.

Q. When should I get there?

Set your alarm clock! It's important to arrive at least 15 minutes before your allocated time slot as the site may be busy. If you are late, we will do all we can to get you into another slot but we can't always promise this, especially on busy days, plus no refunds can be given. The best thing to do is leave in plenty of time.

Q. Is it war?

The common presumption is that paintball caters for the Rambo's of Society and those with a military bent ethos. In fact, paintball is a well organised and exciting sport. It is a game and nothing more. If you go to a site and expect a crash course in subversive thuggery, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Q. Does it sting / hurt?

Yes, there are times when it hits and you will be jumping around waiting for it to ease and other times you don’t feel a thing. It really depends on where you were hit and from what range. You can reduce and minimise impact by wearing sensible clothing - a jacket, thick jumper and overalls. But if you are running about in the altogether, expect a short sharp shock. Safety is the key word. On arrival at our site you will be issued with a safety mask, specifically designed for paintball, coveralls to protect your clothes and other safety items. A comprehensive safety brief will be given at the start of the day before any player is allowed to get hold of their gun.

Q. What do I need to take with me?

In practical terms you will need a change of clothing in case you decide to crawl in the mud or if it rains, and sensible footwear. High heels and flip flops are not conducive to charging around the forest. But the most important thing to bring with you is sense of humour and a willingness to get stuck in and possibly make a fool of yourself.

Q. Can I bring my own paintballs?

For health and safety reasons: NO. To maintain a consistent safety standard you can only use paintballs issued by Oakfire on the day of your event.

Q. How many paintballs will I need?

There is no way of knowing how many paintballs any individual will use, as it depends on how trigger-happy you are. It is entirely up to each person how many paintballs they want to use. You can purchase paintballs at the centre throughout the day, during the breaks and between games.

Q. The weather is bad....

Being a small little Island at the top of the world, we can get some pretty crazy weather. It may be sunny one moment, hailing the next, blowing a gale a minute later, and then hot as anything literally four seasons in a day.

But do not fear - you can rest assured that we will be open in all weather (except in extreme cases such as hurricanes, lightning, floods, etc). Sometimes we may be unavailable due to very high winds although we will do our utmost best to ensure you get your adventure experience and have the thrill of your life doing so!!!

If you are uncertain about the weather the day before or on the day of your adventure please contact us. We will contact you as soon as we can if we plan to cancel any event and you will get a full refund.

Click the link below for a forecast.